Dj Gazza

Dj Gazza


My interest in jazz funk and soul music stems back to the very late seventies and early eighties venturing to clubs, the likes of Flicks in Dartford and Stage 3 on the isle of Sheppey Flicks by the early 80s was one of the most popular clubs in the country, I remember the queues to get in were always a mile long
Only recently over the last two and a half years I decided to take my interest further after listening to various soul internet radio stations, in early April 2014 saw me becoming an internet radio presenter myself, In 2015 has seen me progress into playing out at live venues which I hope to expand on in the future
Dipping my toe in the water so to speak on a few stations I know look forward to joining the team at Housefreqs playing range of music from jazz funk and soul, new releases, soulful house, House ,Soul and re edits.


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