Scopic began his DJ career at the tender age of 18, back at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000. Originally starting out as a hip hop DJ/turntablist, he ran one of the most successful hip hop nights in his hometown Manchester for a couple of years. Soon after this he found his love for techno music on the dancefloors of the infamous 'Sankeys Soap' nightclub (R.I.P. Sankeys!). It was Jeff Mills who really captured his imagination and inspired him to pursue the four-to-the-floor style he is now known for. The pinnacle of his DJ career was getting to play at Sankeys, giving back to a crowd that he once was part of. Since then he has continued to play an uncompromising style of techno, electronica and house music, always injecting his sets with energy, groove and a sense of the dramatic!


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