DJ Name: Kozmas
Real Name: Kosmas Gavalas​

Where are you from? Athens Greece

How long have you been DJ’ing? Many many many years

What got you into being a DJ? I love music and how it affects peoples mood and feelings So DJing contribute peoples happiness and that is an interesting task

When was your first exposure to electronic music? Late 80s is the landmark for me when electronic music started growing here in Greece

Who are your musical influences? Compositions from Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk to Depeche Mode and New Order made me love this music

What parties are you playing at this year? Not scheduled for the time

What were your favourite parties you’ve played at? I have played in many clubs and parties but my favourites was these that took place in private with few good friends

Do you produce your own music? Yes last 1 ½ year my passion for music share both DJing and production

Are you signed to a record label? Yes I ve signed to USHUAIA TRAXX , INTERSECTION RECORDS and lately SEVENEVES RECORDS

Do you ever play live or do you just DJ? Till now I was just DJing but a short time ago I started experimenting with Native Instruments Maschine MK2 in order to put an extra imprint in my sets

Who are some live acts that inspire you? Moby , Chemical Brothers and Underworld to name a few

Who were the 3 most influential artists of last year? Not only last year but always my guiding light was Cox , Digweed and Sasha

If you could go to one gig tonight where would you go? One of these big festivals such as Awakenings Timewrap and more

What can we expect from you this year? More influential sets here in Housefreqs every Thursday 21:00 (UK) and enough releases
What would you say the single most vital piece of tech is? Human factor

What is that thing that most people don’t know about you? That my first professional contact with DJing was wedding DJ

If you could give any advice to young DJ’s just starting to get into DJ’ing what would it be? I don't think I am suitable for advice but I can share my secret of how I've managed so far. First of all love what you do with your soul not just for the show off practice as much as you can and last but not least listen tones of music any kind even if its not the genre that you are in


I m Kosmas from Greece. I m DJing many years and i ve played in many clubs around Greece. My passion for music share both in DJing and production.


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