Kraft-e (Rob) has been involved in the dance music scene for over 20 years.
During the late 80’s Rob was inspired by the original rave scene and in the early 90’s he started his own sound system (originally called Remo and later becoming Extremo). Rob and his partner Sue became well known for their free parties in Kent and London. Both became respected DJ’s playing a mixture of Techno, Hard House and Drum n Bass.
As the free party scene declined in the late 90’s Rob turned his attention to music production and soon became a qualified music engineer. His original studio setup has since moved and subsequently grown into a simple yet effective space. With a vast range of musical influences and an appetite for experimentalism Rob has created a large portfolio of work which is available on Soundcloud.
The future is bright and the music will always be fresh which makes Rob one of the UK’s most interesting dance music producers. If you are interested in collaborating with Rob on your own project please feel free to contact him via

Explore the collection of sounds and follow the voyage of a man who will always guarantee a stimulating and enjoyable journey . . .
(By Avant Gardener)


Dec. 9, 2017
Garage Classics


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