Born in Ireland on the North West in Castlebar, Co Mayo. I started Dj'ing when I was about 16 using Vinyl mainly, but CD’s were starting to become more and more wide spread. I started with one of my best mates on a local pirate radio station that was setup and run by another friend of ours. From then on I was hooked , and almost every summer up until my early 20's (Before I moved to Australia) we would have a station on the go playing everything and anything .

The summer of 1999 my pal (KC) setup his own station and asked me to work alongside him for the summer, and from a little two bed flat In the middle of our home town of Castlebar we built a radio station, where we broadcast 24/7 with local DJ’s, and relaying others DJ’s and sets from around Europe via the Asta Satellite… I’ve been playing music all my life really is some shape or form. I start a Record Label project with my younger brother a few years ago, that is still in the start-up phase (Were kind of Lazy like that)

I also locally run a Club night with my mate ‘Big Jim’ called ‘Relish’ where we cover everything from Underground House, Disco, Techno and re-edits. I continue to DJ and put sets together from my studio at home, and over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to play at some of Irelands largest Music festival such as ‘The Electric Picnic’ and ‘Independence Music and Arts festival’ in Cork.

For me it’s always been about the music – I love it!!!


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