Paolo Tossio

Paolo Tossio

DJ / Music Producer / LVN Artist

Having moved to London in the late 90's from his native Italy, Paolo's extensive musical background has seen him build a well refined set of skills both behind the decks and in the studio.

After years of producing his unique sounds and melodies
Paolo is now happy to announce to be one of the Love Vibration Nation Artist.

With a passion for House Music across its many forms, Paolo transcends just one genre.
Paolo Tossio fuses the funk with the fury, mixing melodies with rhythms that roll as one, creating a dance floor of restless, happy feet.

His sets are often a master balancing act, seemingly able to switch sounds and directions whilst maintaining a steady tempo of fun, both feeding from and fuelling the energy of the crowd.

Besides Pop On Over, Paolo is also Resident for Tribal Village, HEFF Festival, and hosts his radio show on
every Friday between 5pm & 7pm

Special guest for Love Is the Answer Radio show on


May 6, 2018
Magic Terrace Party

Pop On Over @ The Magic Roundabout - Shorditch

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Twitter @paolotossio