DJ Name: re-jette

Real Name: Callum & James

Where are you from?
We’re both from Buckinghamshire, but currently living in London.

How long have you been DJ’ing?
Callum has had decks for years but never fully got into DJ’ing. We both started picking it up and regularly producing mixes earlier this year.

What got you into being a DJ?
James; Visiting the Mecca that is EGG during university prompted my love for techno music, I remember a particular night Monika Kruse played the most banging set, her energy was so amazing. That’s what made me want to get into it, just the ability to influence people’s moods so positively and play tunes that I love.
Callum; Ive been producing for years and making tracks for good friends & artists within PC Music and going to events made me realise that is what I want to do as well.

Who are your musical influences? 
We play everything from big-room techno to nu-disco so strap yourselves in

What parties are you playing at this year? 
We have an NTS live slot in June, but other than that we haven't got anything booked

If you could go to one gig tonight where would you go?
James: Always wanted to see KiNK live and a Bonobo Dj set
Callum: Mine would be Carmack or A G Cook they always bring the good vibes

Instagram: @re_jette
Facebook: reejette
Twitter: @re_jette


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