Belgian DJ/Producer Stemvork first started listening to trance & house music in the year 1998. After hearing the melodic arpeggios and sounds , the love for this particular genre was inevitable. At the age of 16, he started DJ-ing at a local youth-hostel. Soon after that he got his first gigs at local parties and later on in Disco's like The Lamborghieni.
Adding to his collection of great music over the years, he started experimenting with other sub genres such as Progressive, Techno, Deep House, Electronica, Afro House and even EDM. As these genres started melting into each other, his sound was further perfected to what it is now. With a mix of deep basslines, tribal percussions and melodic arps and synths, he tends to warm your soul and move your feet. Taking you on a journey he calls Sunset Souls.
Having releases and remixes on labels like Green Martian, Bonzai Progressive, AH Digital, Old SQL and Stellar Fountain, he is no stranger to producing. Together with dj buddy Config, he has some very interesting releases coming up in the near future!


April 21, 2018
Knall presents Liberation Lane Sessions: Config & Stemvork

4h set Boiler room style on a secret location in Ghent, Belgium. Check event page to join!

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