Street Memories

Street Memories


Hi! My name is Zoltán Sándor aka Quantum Progress aka Street Memories. I'm a hungarian techno, deep techno, deep tech and goa, psytrance DJ. I was born in 1971, Budapest, Hungary. I loved electronic music quite young, but it's only Dj-ing since 2012. I've been playing in the radio for 3 years on a weekly basis ... At first I played a deep house, but in the last few years techno and deep tech have been my dominant style. Half a year ago goa has been added to my list. My first DJ device was a Pioneer DDJ-Ergo controller, but I was soon replaced by more serious players and mixers. I have a weekly broadcast at a Hungarian netradio.

I like to play music and see people dancing to my music. I try to pass my feelings to music by the audience.

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Twitter: @utherdoul_hu


March 8, 2018
Goa Thursday XXXV.

Goa night @Corvin Bar

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