I'm a Hungarian DJ and music producer.founder.
I made drum and bass,hip-trip hop,break beat...and more..
I like to mix the every House,Break,and Drum and Bass styles,and after such a long time I think I've mastered a unique mixing technique.
I listened first Omni Trio at the 98' years,later we went to a party with some friends, and since then I started to mix with my old Staton Turntables.I made my own musics since 2014 winter.
In the first time this was a hobby for me. Since 2002 i was playing on gig and since 2015 i play my own Deep Field events ( with my mate Youknow )
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April 28, 2018
Deep Field presents: Housefreqs radio Hungarian meeting vol.2

House,Minimal Techno,Techno

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