The TWX is an attentive DJ who delivers non-stop energy and sets a great vibe.

Musical Genres/Styles

• House 118-128 bpm
• Techno 121-128 bpm

The TWX is well versed in most facets of House but has an affinity for Deep House and Tech House. He also loves playing Techno ranging from Detroit to Berlin. As an avid lover of vocals, he frequently uses samples and acapellas to further deepen the vibe. Playing all these distinct yet similar styles allows him to both cater to a diverse crowd of individuals, and bring them together as one.

The Awakening

The TWX entered the club scene in 2008 as a promoter for “Triple T,” a successful night at a local Montreal bar called Blizzarts. Within a few years, he was deeply immersed in the MontreaI nightlife and began DJing in 2011. By 2012 The TWX was hired on for his first weekly residency at Blue Dog, an underground gem on St. Laurent. With a move across the country to Calgary in 2014, The TWX decided to expand his techniques and skillset and subsequently took up production in 2015.

Joie De Vie

The TWX believes that music is the global language that brings people together. He does this for the looks on all the dancers’ faces; it may be a smile or a head nod. Whatever it is, you know that they are just in their zone grooving away. In that moment I have successfully washed away all of their cares and all that matters is right now! Any DJ or performer knows exactly what I am talking about! Taking people on a musical journey is both a pleasure and a privilege.


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